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"Let's build a better tomorrow, together."


JOECHAND (JOECHAND Support Services Pvt. Ltd.) is the result of synergy of innovative ideas and commitment to quality by a group of dedicated technocrats.


The Support Services offered by JOECHAND aims at providing customized solutions to your infrastructure development needs while upholding our service delivering standards. JOECHAND has a unique combination of enthusiastic specialized engineers with good experience, local market understanding, best practices designed in the project management field and strong professional experts to help your real estate project management needs.

Our expertise in delivering Projects within the stipulated time frame, Quality, within the budget and specifications gives you the edge in achieving better results and manage large scale projects effectively. Our efficient Planning and effective execution skills helps in creating value for you.

Our understanding of Indian market, presence across different geographies with professional service delivery approach significantly optimizes the quality of services rendered to the client.

Quality, Safety and Eco-friendly are the three main aspects of our organization.

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